Dragon Quest Heroes II
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Oruneze
Gender Female
Class Unknown
Age Unknown

Desdemona (オルネーゼ, Orunēze) is one of the main characters in Dragon Quest Heroes II. She serves as envoy of the High King of Accordia and is a mighty female warrior.


Desdemona has golden eyes and long, flowing orange hair which goes down to her back and one lock . She is a warrior and dresses in a fashion similar to other female warriors in the series. She wears a metal bra with one pauldron on her left shoulder, a leather belt around her waist, black bikini bottoms covered with a chainmail skirt, and one red legging on her left leg and a red sleeve on her left arm. Her boots and gloves are made out of maroon leather and are covered by metal greaves and vambraces respectively. On her right bicep and thigh, she wears metal bands. She also wears a metal choker with a dangling red jewel and silver hoop earrings.


Her personality is similar to that of a big sister, particularly to Lazarel and Theresa.



Side Games

Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End


In combat, she wields an enormous two-handed axe with ease and has no trouble fighting against opponents much larger than her.

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Voice actresses

Nana Mizuki (Japanese)