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The Desert Bazaar is a location in Dragon Quest IV. As a nomadic market, it can be found only in Chapter 2, when Alena, Brey and Cristo pass through; after that, it apparently moves on to parts unknown.

In the remake, it becomes the Immigrant Town in Chapter 5.

Shops and Services

Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
Hunter's bow 350 G
Chain sickle 550 G
Poison moth knife 750 G
Iron lance 880 G
Holy lance 1250 G

Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Leather armour 180 G
Chain mail 350 G
Bronze armour 700 G
Leather shield 90 G
Scale shield 180 G
Hardwood headwear 120 G
Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 30 G
Antidotal herb 10 G
Holy water 20 G
Chimaera wing 25 G
Moonwort bulb 30 G

6 gold per person

Nearby enemies

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