Dragon Quest VI
DQVIDS - Dhuran
Japanese name デュラン
Rōmaji Dyuran
Gender Male
Race(s) Loss Leader
Age Unknown
Family Demon

Dhuran is a demon boss first encountered in Dragon Quest VI, and is a recurring monster throughout the Dragon Quest series.


Dhuran resembles a well-built male human with a reddish skintone. He wears a dark, simple, iron-like armor that doesn't cover much of its body. This attire is completed with an indigo cape. He also wields a double-bladed weapon. This weapon is similar to its armor and has a black handgrip and two sharp, dark blades in each extreme.


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Main Games

Dragon Quest VI

Dhuran, Lord of Stormsgate Citadel, is the final Dread Fiend the party encounters. When the party comes to reach him, his castle fights them - he is presumably controlling it in some way, though it could just be leftover magic from the deceased Murdaw, given his powers over the dream world.

After the Hero and his party defeated the Stormsgate Citadel, Dhuran ordered his minions to let them in without conflict. Upon their entry into the throne room, he stated his surprise that they were able to gather the legendary equipment needed to reach the castle and tests their strength with an Uberkilling machine and an Iron tortoise.

They beat the minions, prompting Dhuran to pit Terry (who offered his soul to it) against them. They succeeded in defeating Terry, resulting in Dhuran healing them so that he can fight them at their best.

Upon his defeat, Dhuran confessed that he, along with MurdawJamirus, and Gracos, are merely minions of of Mortamor the Archfiend. He told them that they will have to become much stronger to take the Archfiend down, and hopes that he and the Hero can meet in the next life to do battle once more.

# - Dhuran
Demon Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
3000 260 200 120
Exp Gold Drop Seed of magic
5500 2300 G
Pierces party member
Disruptive Wave
Harvest Moon
Wind sickles
Haunts at:
Stormsgate Citadel

Dragon Quest X

Side Games


In Dragon Quest Monsters, Dhuran (spelled as Durran), is the boss of the Gate of Reflection. His dialogue and battle scheme are references to his first major appearance in DQVI. The only differences are his battle skills and intial battle, in which he sends out two Servants. After defeating the two underlings, he sends out a future clone of Terry, whose sprite shares the same pose as his main series counterpart.

Monsters 2

Alluding to the first game, Dhuran appears as a monster recruited by Terry, and can be fought alongside a GreatDrak and Watabou. However, the player must beat the game and have over 200 monsters for Terry to appear in the Arena's hallway.

Joker 2

Dhuran appears as a synthesis monster and is used to create Nokturnus . The recipes for both monsters are as follows:

Dhuran = Any Rank A monster + Any Demon monster

  • Over 7000 results exist for this monster.

Nokturnus = Dhuran + Dr. Snapped



Other languages

Other languages
French Dhurian
German Unknown
Spanish Unknown
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Swedish Unknown
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Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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