Divine dagger
DQIX - Divine dagger
Japanese name せいなるナイフ
Rōmaji Seinaru naifu
Introduced in II

Magic Knife

The Divine dagger, also known as the magic knife or simply knife, is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series. It is a simple weapon that can be wielded by any character or vocation, making it useful for those who cannot wield heavier weapons.


Dragon Quest II

The divine dagger has an attack bonus of +12. It can be purchased from LeftwyneMoonahan, and Rippleport for 200 gold and sold for 100. The divine dagger can be equipped by all three characters. It is the only bladed weapon that the Princess of Moonbrooke can equip and is a worthwhile upgrade from the cypress stick.

Dragon Quest III

The divine dagger has the attack bonus of +14. It can be equipped by all classes.

Dragon Quest IV

The divine dagger has an attack bonus of +14. This weapon appears in remakes of the game, replacing the Thorn Whip.

Dragon Quest VII

The divine dagger has an attack bonus of +14 and a style bonus of +7. It can be equipped by all characters and can be purchased in various shops for 200 gold. One can be found in Burnmont.

Dragon Quest IX


Divine dagger  Divine Dagger
Attack +18
Buy Price 640 G
Sell Price 320 G
Flavor text A bitsy blade bathed in holy light that zealously zaps zombies.
Notes Rarity: Stars1
Upgrades to Poison moth knife and Icicle dirk


Dragon Quest IX
Location Info
Coffinwell buy
Stornway buy
Alchemy Recipe: Bronze knife x 1 + Holy water x 3

Equipping characters


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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

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