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Dragon Quest VIII
Japanese name ハワード
Rōmaji Hawādo
Gender Male
Race(s) Human
Age Unknown

Dominico is a character in Dragon Quest VIII. After Dhoulmagus goes around killing the many sages needed to break the seal to revive Rhapthorne, it is assumed Dominico is one of the last sages on his hit list. As a powerful magician, it would only be natural, and the game seems to be setting up Dominico’s death as comeuppance for the abuse of his servant, David, whom he treats worse than his dog, Sir Leopold. In the end, David turns out to have the sage blood and dies for it while Dominico suffers comparatively little penalty, only having to lose his dog.

Dominico has a wide variety of magic, teaching Jessica Kasizzle and Kacrackle, though he apparently specializes in barriers, having written a massive book on the subject. He lives in a town of stonemasons, and while he is rather disliked for his eccentric personality and poor treatment of his many servants, he is deeply respected for his raw magical mastery. He animates the statues made by the people of Arcadia into mighty stone golems which guard Rydon’s Tower.

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