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Dragon Quest IX Region
Doomingale Forest
Doomingale Forest
In game map of Doomingale Forest
Japanese name ほるびのもり
Rōmaji Horubi Forest

Doomingale Forest is located at northwest of Zere village. The forest is full of poison puddles that reduce the hero's HP when walking on. In the center of the forest is the ruin of Brigadoom. You can receive a mini medal on the top left side of the forest. When you go into Brigadoom you can battle Morag in the Throne room.

Monsters in the Area

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#021 Gastropog 36 G 48 Item icon Antidotal herb
Item icon Toad oil
#022 Brownie 32 G 56 Legwear Leather kilt
Item icon Seed of strength
#024 Drackmage 30 G 60 Item icon Chimaera wing
Item icon Wing of bat
#025 Bodkin fletcher 44 G 62 Item icon Antidotal herb
Handwear Leather gauntlets
#026 Ram raider 30 G 70 Item icon Sleeping hibiscus
Item icon Lambswool
#027 Cumaulus 42 G 62 Item icon Tangleweb
Item icon Coagulant
#028 Skeleton 60 G 81 Handwear Cotton gloves
Sword Copper sword

Other notable attributes

   Poison puddle    This location contains poisonous marshes/swamps.

Material Gathering

The following items can be gathered on the map in this region:

  • Manky mud - found in the northeast corner in between poison swamps
  • Mini medal - on a dais in the northwest corner; you must traverse through a large poison swamp to reach it

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