Dr. Snap
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
DQMJ - Dr. Snap
Japanese name ガルマッゾ
Rōmaji Garumazzo
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Dr. Snap is a character who appears in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.


In Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, Dr. Snap is a fairly Tall man, with round-lensed glasses and blue/purple licked out hair that hangs down as a fringe. He wears a red Coat, a white shirt tucked into highly pulled up trousers. He also tends to hold a folder/booklet around with him. His figure connotes high self-esteem.

Personality and Biography

In Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, Dr. Snap plays a very important role in the story as an unexpected protagonist. When first encountered on Domus Isle, Dr. Snap is giving a speech to announce the Seventh Monster scout Challenge to newer and older scouts alike. After the speech, however, the character rarely sees him, as Dr. snap strangely isolated himself inside his Office, that is guarded by a HQ personnel. In the early game, he takes a keen interest in the Incarnus; whom he helps nurse to health. 

Later during the game, the character gets the opportunity to Duel with Dr. Snap on Xeroph Isle after being told to do so by a messenger of Trump; the player's father. This was a scheme to steal Snap's notes and the Mark of the Scout.

When the players wins the tournament he double crosses them; using the collected darknorium to turn Wulfspade into Ace of Spades and cause the catastrophe. He also reveals his plans; to turn all humans into monsters. He succeeds in doing this to himself, transforming himself into Dr Snapped. This is his downfall in the end as the player is able to defeat him as a monster.

He does not reappear nor is even mentioned in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, his monstrous form does however as one of the rival's monsters.


Side Games

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