Dr Snapped
DQMJ - Dr Snapped
Japanese name ガルマッゾ
Rōmaji Garumazzo
Family Zombie
Introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Dr Snapped is the final main boss of DQM:J. His appearance is a reddish-pink creature with a head in the form of a hand (which is constantly moving). His face is placed on the large hand and his tongue is always out. Also, his stomach has a vortex-like mouth with teeth encircling it. According to the Library Info, Dr Snapped "never got along with the other children at school".

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

He appears as the final boss, alongside a Tortured Soul and Demon-at-arms.

Is created by synthesizing Orgodemir and Rhapthorne2, then Darkonium Slime and Captain Crow, and sythesizing the resulting monsters together.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

Solitaire uses a Dr. Snapped in her final team to battle the player, along with an Ace of Spades. Interestingly it has access to the double trouble ability in this battle, even though it does not have this ability in Joker 2, only the first game. As such, he is actually fairly weak for how difficult he is to obtain.

It can be synthesised in the exact same way as the first game.


- Amusingly it is possible, though unlikely, to synthesize him before Dr. Snap even transforms or is defeated, leading you to own a monster that, by all means, shouldnt exist.

- Soltaire owns this monster in Joker 2, however this should be impossible since he requires Captain Crow to be made, whom there's only one of him in the in-game world, and he joins the player (or wanders the land, if the player never defeats him). This is the exact same story with Ace of Spades and the Incarnus.

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