Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura: Volume 1
Shueisha Souten no Soura Volume 1
Japanese release June 4, 2013
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Volume 2

Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura: Volume 1 is the first volume of Souten no Soura.



Image Chapter Japanese name Romaji name
Prologue プロロ一グ Purorōgu
The Novice Adventurer!! へつぽこ冒険者!! Heppoko Bōkensha!!
Dragon Princess!! ドラゴン・プリンセス!! Doragon Purinsesu!!
The Journalist of Glen Castle!? グレン城のジャーナリスト!? Guren-jō no Jyānarisuto
Train Panic!! トレイン・パニック!! Torein Panikku!!
This is our Dragon Quest ボク達のドラゴンクエスト Boku-tachi no Doragon Kuesuto
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