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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura: Volume 2
Japanese release December 4, 2013
Volume 1
Volume 3

Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura: Volume 2 is the second volume of Souten no Soura.


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DQX - Naburetto


Image Chapter Japanese name Romaji name
Nice Guy of the Plains!! 荒野の快男児!! Kōya no Kaidanji
The Desert Kingdom, Dolwarm! へつぽこ冒険者!! Heppoko Bōkensha!!
Desert Attack!! デザート・アッタク!! Dezāto Attaku!!
Special Ranger!! スペシャル レンジャー!! Supesharu Renjā!!
Nice Guy's Requirement 快男児の条件 Kaidanji no jōken
The Hell King, Sola!!? <冥王> ソウラ!!? Mei-ou Sola!!?

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