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Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura: Volume 4
Japanese release December 4, 2014
Volume 3
Volume 5

Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura: Volume 4 is the fourth volume of Souten no Soura.



Image Chapter Japanese name Romaji name
The Siblings of Etene エテーネの兄妹 Etēne no Kyōdai
The Fearless Demon Prince 不敵なる魔公子 Futeki naru Ma Kōshi
The Living Legend 息づく伝説たち Ikizuku Densetsu-tachi
The Black Crest 黒い紋様 Kuroi Manyō
The Roar of Karusadora カルサドラの咆哮 Karusadora no Hōkō
Lava Dragon Braidon!! 溶岩龍ブライドン!! Yōgan Ryū Buraidon!!
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