Dragon Quest Heroes II is a spinoff game and the sequel of The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below.


In a beautiful and peaceful land of seven kingdoms, war suddenly breaks out as if influenced by an ancient prophecy. Heroes from each of the kingdoms must unite to bring peace back to their war-torn land.


Dragon Quest Heroes II features a mix of hack-and-slash combat and more traditional RPG elements. Exploration of the world will be similar to other Dragon Quest games. Players can explore the land and move from one town to the next, while also initiating dungeon-like battle stages. While exploring, players will discover treasure boxes and ingredients. Weather also plays a factor and rain will result in a curse ailment being inflicted on the players during a battle.

Exploration is free to a point; some areas of the map will be inaccessible until the player has proceeded with the main story. "Invitation Stones" can be unlocked through playing the main story and these allow for fast travel to previously visited areas of the map.


Playable Characters

Lazarel DQHIITKEP - Razel
Theresa DQHIITKEP - Theresia
Cesar DQHIITKEP - Cesar
Desdemona DQHIITKEP - Ornezé
Carver Heroes 2 - Carver
Maribel Heroes 2 - Maribel
Alena DQHTWTWBB - Alena v.2
Kiryl DQHTWTWBB - Kiryl
Meena Heroes 2 - Meena
Terry DQHTWTWBB - Terry
Jessica Heroes 2 - Jessica Albert
Angelo Heroes 2 Angelo
Ruff Heroes 2 - Ruff
Torneko Heroes 2 - Torneko

Supporting Characters


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