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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional is a revamped version of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It was first announced at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, and will have new monsters and new maps. It was released in Japan in Spring of 2011. However, a release for anywhere else has yet to have been stated by officials, making it possible it won't see a release outside of Japan. The main character's robe-esque cloth is now blue to give a notable difference.

New Monsters

Hundreds of new monsters have been announced for the upcoming "Final Mix" of DQM:J2, some of these include:

Corvus, Goresby Purrvis, Goreham-Hogg, Hootingham-Gore, SpotKing w bunny ears, 'Wight Knight, Gadrongo, Ragin' Contagin, Cruelcumbers, Manguini, Hexagoon, Cobra Cardinals, Nodoph/Nemean/Vermillion Dragon, Lleviathan, Balzack, King Godwyn and several monsters from Rocket Slime have also been seen joining in one attack; the monsters are a slime gang that forms as a 3-slot monster and is an A-Rank.

Monsters original to DQM: J2 Pro

A species of what looks to be baby chicks (named Pipit) have been sotted in the trailer. All are white except for one yellow one which seems to play a more major role than the others. An Elder Pipit appears alongside the yellow Pipit and when obtained, its rank is S.

Also a sword wielding monster that seems to resemble Akira Toriyama's "Super saiyan" and "Oozaru" creations combined. But it appears that it could possibly be a monster form of the main character Alexandre. A "final-final" boss has been added to the new map made in Pro and is concluded to be more difficult than Malevolynx and Rigor Mortex.


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