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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Dragon Quest VII Original Soundtrack
Catalog #: Unknown
Composer(s): Kōichi Sugiyama
Arranger(s): Kōichi Sugiyama
Producer(s): Kōichi Sugiyama
Publisher: Unknown
CD Info: 2 CDs
Length: 1:38:86
Release date: Unknown (re-recorded 2006 (re-released 2009 and March 19, 2014))

Dragon Quest VII Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for VII written and composed by Koichi Sugiyama.

Track List

Disc One

  1. "Overture"
  2. "Morning in Eden"
  3. "Saraband (Saraband of the Sealed Castle)"
  4. "Echo of Horns Throughout the Castle (Horn of the Royal Palace)"
  5. "Heavenly Village (Peaceful Rows of Houses)"
  6. "Days of Sadness"
  7. "Strolling in the Town (Relaxing Street Corner ~ Paradise ~ Garden Where Time Sleeps ~ Town Square Party ~ Relaxing Street Corner)"
  8. "Memories of a Lost World ~ Moving Through the Present (Lost World ~ A Light Gait)"
  9. "Shadow of Death (The Shadow of Death Draws Near)"
  10. "Fighting Spirit ~ World of the Strong (Slice A Path Through ~ Strong People)"
  11. "Sphinx ~ Mysterious Sanctuary (Sphinx ~ Great Temple)"
  12. "Aboard Ship ~ Pirates of the Sea (Swaying in the Ship ~ King of the Sea)"
  13. "To My Loved One"
  14. "Screams from the Tower of Monsters (Sounds of the Demon Tower)"
  15. "With Sadness in Heart ~ A Safe Haven (Sadness Within the Heart ~ Land of Tranquility)"
  16. "Magic Carpet"
  17. "Over the Horizon (To That Distant Sky)"
  18. "Orgo Demila"

Disc Two

  1. "Triumphal Return ~ Epilogue"
  2. "Overture March VII"
  3. "Intermezzo"
  4. "Morning in Eden"
  5. "Saraband of the Sealed Castle"
  6. "Horn of the Royal Palace"
  7. "Peaceful Rows of Houses"
  8. "Days of Sadness"
  9. "Relaxing Street Corner"
  10. "Paradise"
  11. "Garden Where Time Sleeps"
  12. "Town Square Party"
  13. "Lost World"
  14. "A Light Gait"
  15. "The Shadow of Death Draws Near 1, 2, 3"
  16. "Slice A Path Through"
  17. "Strong People"
  18. "Sphinx"
  19. "Great Temple"
  20. "Swaying in the Ship ~ King of the Sea"
  21. "To My Loved One"
  22. "Prayer of Revival"
  23. "Tula Dance"
  24. "Sounds of the Demon Tower 1, 2, 3, 4, 5"
  25. "Sadness Within the Heart"
  26. "Land of Tranquility"
  27. "Magic Carpet"
  28. "To That Distant Sky"
  29. "Orgo Demila"
  30. "Triumphal Return and Epilogue"

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