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  • Ellis99

    A request into the demotion of the highly inactive bureaucrat, Vivi Leonhart, has been put though. Users can support, be neutral or be against the idea by going to this page, here.

    EDIT: Three more requests have been uploaded for the demotion for Pagoda, PantheonSasuke and Adan Aileron.

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  • Crazy1999

    I believe we need more walkthroughs for the Dragon quest games I saw only 1 and Im wanting help with another :P I do not plan to make a walkthrough myself but I will if I have to...ill just need to edit it sometimes to add more stuff in since I still haven't beat the game 1 time yet.....

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  • Kingemocut

    seriously. due to new US laws, if we edit a wikia, we're breaking the law. the maximum fine is $50,000 and 20 years. do you want to have to worry about that?

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Featured Character

DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme

Corvus is a character in IX. He is a Celestrian and was Aquila's mentor and the guardian of Wormwood Creek, as well as the mastermind behind the Gittish Empire until he is stopped by the hero's party. He was captured and imprisoned for centuries after the inhabitants of Wormwood Creek betrayed him, giving unto himself a hatred of all mortal life.

Featured Place

Realm and Palace of the Mighty

Realm of the Mighty
The Realm of the Mighty is the final "story mode" dungeon in Dragon Quest IX. The Palace of the Mighty is located on the top of it. It is an evil transformed version of the Realm of the Almighty.

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