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  • SirCheesecake

    I, being not too bright, was adding a whole bunch of pages to catagories, when I added Gadrongo to the dragons catagory. Then, after checking on Dragon Quest IX, I found out he was, in fact, not a dragon. Is there anybody who's smarter than I am who knows how to remove pages from catagories?

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  • Ellis99


    June 16, 2015 by Ellis99

    As some pages are being separated and some merged together...

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  • Ellis99


    June 6, 2015 by Ellis99

    Dragon Quest Wiki is currently going through a revamp with categories to make it easier to search through when looking for weapons. That's all.

    EDIT: 08/06/15 - 11:11 - Template:NotableEnemy is being added to boss pages. Treasure and Skills sections on Legacy Boss pages have been revamped.

    EDIT 2: 09…

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Featured Character

DQIX - Barbarus


Barbarus is a large black dragon that allied with the Gittish Empire in IX. He is Greygnarl's look-alike brother and mortal enemy. He, along with the rest of the Empire, was defeated over 300 years ago by Greygnarl, and, also like the rest of the Empire, was brought back with more power and attempted to obliterate Upover, but Greygnarl stopped him by flying in front of the giant energy ball.

Featured Place


Realm of the Almighty

Realm of the Almighty is a location in IX. It is located high above both the Protectorate and the Observatory and is reachable only via the Starflight Express. Here, is the place where Zenus resided with his daughter, Celestria, before he was separated into ten monsters due the Corvus' attack.

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