Specific article guidelines

There is a specific guideline for many of the major article types. Articles for each type should adhere to the guideline.

All article guidelines can be found at Category:Article guidelines.

General article style rules

  • Article titles should be singular ("Sword" instead of "Swords").
  • "List" articles should start with "List of" as part of the article title.
  • When starting a new article, include at least some basic information (no empty stubs!).
  • The first sentence of every article should include the article title written in bold.
  • The first paragraph of every article should state which game(s) are related to the article.
  • 'The/A/An' should be avoided in article titles except if they are used as part of an official title.
  • Write in third person: use "the player" instead of "you".
  • Avoid writing abbreviations for game titles ("Dragon Quest VII" instead of "DQVII").
  • It is not necessary to write out game subtitles each time you write the game title.
  • Follow the official game title naming scheme and use roman numerals ("III" instead of "3")
  • Limit linking to other articles to the first occurrence of the word or phrase unless the article is really long.
  • Use active voice rather than passive voice. Active voice means the person performing the action is the subject of the sentence.
  • Incorrect spelling is not tolerated. Use the internet and spell things correctly.
  • It is encouraged to place {{spoiler|start}} and {{spoiler|end}} around spoilers. This mainly pertains to 'Plot' sections.


  • Articles should be categorized according to their subject matter.
  • Category names should be plural. ("Dragon Quest II weapons" instead of "Dragon Quest II weapon")
  • Category names should start with a capitalized word, followed by lowercase words ("Final bosses") unless a word is a proper noun ("Dragon Quest II locations").
  • Use the lowest level category whenever possible. For example, instead of using [[Category:Enemies]] use [[Category:Dragon Quest II enemies]] which is a subcategory of the enemies category. This makes viewing a category much easier and keeps content well sorted. A list of existing categories can be found at Special:Categories.


  • Templates should be used where they are appropriate.
  • Modification to existing templates should be kept minimal unless discussed ahead of time.
  • New templates are welcome but should be well documented. A user should never have to guess what a template does.
  • See existing templates for examples of good documentation: Category:Templates.

Working with media files

Adding images

The general practice would be to start Image placement on the right side by adding "right" in the image coding as in "[[File:Example.jpg|right]]". The next image would then be placed on the left - "[[File.Example.jpg|left]]", forming a sort-of zigzag pattern.

An image without white/transparent backgrounds should be thumbnailed by adding "thumb" in the image coding as in "[[File:Example.jpg|thumb]]". A caption should be added to thumbnailed images, a short description of what the image is by writing the caption at the end of the code as in "[[File.Example.jpg|right|Caption here]]".

Image galleries should be created when a number of images in a section clutter the layout. Image galleries should also be used with a caption to describe each of the images it contains. To create an image gallery, use the coding below; "perrow" enables one to set how many images on a row, the default and style recommends 4.

<gallery perrow="2/3/4/5">
Example.jpg|Caption here
Example.jpg|Caption here
Example.jpg|Caption here

Embedding video

Videos relevant to articles should be placed on a video subpage of the article (/videos). Videos should be add using wikia's video extension on the edit bar. Except for special cases, videos should be left in the normal size assigned by default.

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