Dragonic diligence
Japanese name せいなるみずさし
Rōmaji Sei naru mizu sashi
Introduced in VI

The Dragonic Diligence is an item in Dragon Quest VI. In the original Super Famicom version, it was the Book Of Dragons.


Dragon Quest VI

The Dragonic Diligence can be acquired by giving 90 Mini Medals to Medford Medallion, winning at after competing in Rank A at Slimopolis or buying it in the secret post-game shop for 30,000g. It can also be found once in a chest in Mortamor's castle.

The item must be placed in a character's inventory, and it can then be used to take up the Dragon vocation in Alltrades Abbey. It is a consumable, so once used you cannot take back your usage of it.

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