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The Dragons Horn (Drakhorns) are a pair of tower dungeons in Dragon Quest II. The towers are referred to as the north tower and the south tower respectively. Each tower sits on one side of a river in northwest Torland.

North Tower

The north tower is an optional dungeon. The only attraction being the Dew's Yarn item which can be found by searching on a specific tile on the 3F.

South Tower

The south tower is visited by the heroes on their way to Lianport. However, in order to progress across the river, the heroes must jump off the top floor of the tower while wearing the Wind Cape.

Crossing the River

The river dividing the towers can be traversed from either tower. Doing so requires the Wind Cape item to be worn by one of the party members. By wearing the cloak and jumping off the top floor of either tower, the heroes will cross the river and land on the opposite bank. Otherwise, the heroes will simply land next to the tower they were in.


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