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The Dragovians are an intelligent race of half-human, half-dragons in the world of Dragon Quest VIII, though little of them can be found out by the player until after the game's end.


The standard Dragovian isn't far off in appearance from a normal person; the difference in their human forms comes from their ears, which terminate into small dragon frills. They can apparently turn into full-fledged dragons, though their lord is the only one seen in-game to do this.

Dragovians aren't very fond of humans, despite being part-human themselves, and the single known Dragovian society is cut off from the rest of the human world.

Dragovian and Dragovian Related Characters


  • In many Dragon Quest games there is a spell called Puff! which turns the caster into a dragon for multiple turns. It is unknown if this spell is linked to the Dragovians and their transformations.

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