Dragovian king sword
DQVIII - Dragovian king sword
Japanese name 竜神王のつるぎ
Rōmaji Ryūjin-ō no tsuru gi
Introduced in VIII

The Dragovian King Sword is a weapon in multiple Dragon Quest games, often being the most powerful weapon that can be obtained.


Dragon Quest III

In the GBC version of Dragon Quest III, the Grand Dragon (A bonus boss) drops a weapon called the Rubiss Sword, it is possible this might be a precursor to the Dragovian King Sword as both are the most powerful weapon in their game and cast a powerful lightning-based spell when used as an item.

Dragon Quest VIII

The ultimate weapon in the game, it adds +137 attack and casts Kazap. It is obtained via alchemy with the Liquid Metal Sword and Dragovian Sword.

Dragon Quest Swords

This weapon is made by tempering the Aurora Blade and Wrath of Helios with 2 Gold Bar, and l Orichalcum. This sword also teaches the hero the Dragon Soul Master Stroke.


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Location Info
Castle Avalonia Tempered at armor shop (19800g)

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