Drake slime
DQMJ2 - Drake slime
Japanese name ドラゴスライム
Rōmaji Doragosuraimu
Family Slime
Introduced in Monsters

The drake slime (originally DrakSlime / Drak Slime due to display constraints) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters, it is a Slime with a few qualities resembling those of dragons.


Drake slimes are yellow slimes, but instead of beings shaped like a droplet they have small wings, a crest, and a tail meant to make them appear part-dragon.

The dragon-half of the drake slime makes it stronger than most other slimes, granting it increased strength and mobility. They are also capable of breathing fire thanks to their draconic traits.


Dragon Quest VII

#29 - DrakSlime
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX and 3ds
HP 45
Attack 45
Defense 45
Agility 33
Experience 22
Gold 9
Dropped Item Cloth
DrakSlime Heart (rare)
Skills Normal attack
Fire Air
Family Slime

The drake slime's first appearance in the mainstream games. They appear along the latter portions of the game's beginning and can prove troublesome thanks to their habit of breathing fire; a group of drake slimes can prove deadly to a low-level party if they abuse their fire breath. The Drake slime has the rare chance of dropping a DrakSlime Heart, allowing one party member to become a DrakSlime when it is taken to the Temple of Dharma

The Drake slime can be found in the Marsh Cave, the Roamers region in the past, the Lake Altar Cave in the past, and the Alltrades region in the past.

Dragon Quest X

# - Drake slime
Slime Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Weight
1920 999 360 268 0
Exp Gold Drop Small scale
Dragon hide
1050 10 G
Normal attack
Freezing Blizzard
Body Slam
Haunts at:

Dragon Quest XI


#76 - Drake slime
Slime Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
Exp Gold Drop Small scale
Dragon hide
75 26 G
Description: None
Normal attack
Fire Breath
Haunts at:
The Costa Valor (Daytime)
The Eerie Eyrie (Mid game)
Ocean (Inner seas)
Insula Orientalis
Rainbow Mines*


#439 - Malicious drake slime
Slime Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
Exp Gold Drop Small scale
Dragon hide
1217 279 G
Description: Drake slimes who have morphed into a truly malevolent form under the malign influence of infinite evil.
Normal attack
Haunts at:
The Costa Valor (Post game)
Insula Orientalis (Post game)

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

#38 - Drake slime
Game Appearance Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
Console DS
HP  ???
MP  ???
Attack  ???
Defense  ???
Agility  ???
Experience  ???
Gold  ???
Dropped Item  ???
Skills  ???
Spells  ???
Family  ???
Description These slimes count dragons amongst their relatives.
Locations  ???

Drake slimes appear as rank E members of the slime family and can only be obtained by synthesis. Normally, attempting to combine any normal slime with a dragon family member will give the player the option of getting a drake slime.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

Monster Meadows Quotes




-"Bee Kee Kee!"



-"Ah, what a nice slurprise!"

-"Slurp! Slurp!"


Other languages

Other languages
French Gluancornu
German Flederschleim
Spanish Unknown
Italian Minidrago slime
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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