Dream blade
DQVDS - Dream blade
Japanese name まどろみのけん
Rōmaji Madoromi noken
Introduced in IV

Dream blade (formerly Sword of lethargy) is a weapon in the Dragon Quest game series. It has a 1/6th chance of putting enemies to sleep and casts snooze when used as an item in battle.



The dream blade has an attack bonus of +60. It can be equipped by The Hero & Ragnar McRyan. Tom Foolery has this among his equipment.

It can be purchased for 8,000 gold coins, and sold for 6,000.


The dream blade has an attack bonus of +55. It can be purchased in Gotha for 6,300 gold.


The Dream blade can be bought for 6,300 gold in Clearvale, Sorceria, Castle Swanstone, Mt. Snowhere, and Turnscote. It can also be sold for 4,725 gold. It has an attack bonus of +65 and a style bonus of +28. The Hero, Terry, Amos, and Goowain can equip it. It also has a random chance of putting a foe to sleep when you attack it.


The dream blade has an attack bonus of +43.

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