The Dry Vase (Vase of Drought, or Bottomless Pot in the iOS/Android versions) is a key item in Dragon Quest III. It is necessary in order to retrieve the Final Key.


The vase originates from the village of Soo, whose residents say it was stolen from the village by men from Eginbear. The king of Eginbear says that it was his grandfather who hid the vase in the castle, meaning it was stolen a long time before the events of Dragon Quest III.


The vase is hidden in a puzzle chamber in the castle of Eginbear. In order to retrieve it the heroes must push 3 boulders onto a specific section of the floor. The difficulty is that the boulders can be pushed into unmoveable positions or into water. Exiting and re-entering the chamber resets the boulder positions.


The vase is to be used in the sea northwest of Soo to raise the Final Key Shrine. This is hinted by Mr. Edo in the village of Soo. Its usage is very similar to using the Moon Shard to open the Sea Cave in Dragon Quest II. Although the shrine closes after exiting, the vase can be used over and over to raise the shrine again. This is specifically applicable in the remakes where a tiny medal is located within the shrine.

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