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The Ear Cosy is the upgraded form of a Fur Hood. It can only be equipped by a Ranger.

A common money-making scheme involves the Ear Cosy. Since it can be alchemised with Bunny Tails, which can be found in Porth Llaffan for 240G, Fur Hoods (Slurry Quay, 550G) and Lambswool (Batsureg, 180G); and sell for 1200G each, bulk alchemy produces a cozy 230G per Ear Cosy. A full 99 will make 22770G profit, but cost 47025G. 

 Ear Cosy
Defence +16
Buy Price 2,400 G
Sell Price 1,200 G
Flavor text A fluffy trademark of the really committed ranger.
Notes Sold in Batsureg.
Recipe: Fur hood + Bunny tail + Lambswool

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