Earth Spirit
Dragon Quest VII
DQVII - Earth Spirit
Sprite(s) Terraspirit
Japanese name だいちのせいれい
Rōmaji Daichinoseirei
Gender Male
Title(s) Unknown
Race(s) Spirit
Age Unknown

The Earth Spirit, also known as the TerraSpirit or the Spirit of the Land, is a character and boss in Dragon Quest VII.


The Earth Spirit has the appearance of a muscular man composed completely out of earthen materials, not unlike a Golem. Most of his body appears to be comprised of boulders and he wears stone rings on his wrists and ankles. The Earth Spirit also has holes throughout his body that show glowing molten metal underneath and gold markings on both his forehead and his upper arms. He has a squat face with plain features and purple eyes.


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The Earth Spirit makes his dwelling in the desert of Al-Balad, as it is the region with the most of his element. He is known as the Spirit of the Land to the people of Al-Balad, where he is an important spiritual figure, representing every stone and grain of sand in the Earth. The Likeness is a sphinx that has been constructed in his honor, at least until the Demon King forced the people of Al-Balad to rebuild it so that it would represent him instead. The ritual used to summon the Spirit of the Land involves drawing his image into the sand at the Oasis. After the Fire Spirit is reawakened, the party heads back to the land of Al-Balad in order to awaken the Earth Spirit as well, as it is necessary to awaken the power of all Four Great Spirits in order to unseal the islands from darkness.

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