Elevating shoes
DQVIII - Elevating shoes
Japanese name しあわせのくつ
Rōmaji Shiawase no kutsu
Introduced in III

The Elevating Shoes (Originally referred to as Shoes of happiness and later Luck shoes) is a recurring equipment in the Dragon Quest game series series.


Dragon Quest III

The Shoes of happiness (referred to as Luck shoes in the Game Boy Color Version) can be dropped by Metal babbles and sold for 75 gold coins. The shoes grant it's wearer one experience point per step.

Dragon Quest IV

The Elevating Shoes is an accessory that increases luck by 50, and grants EXP while walking.

Dragon Quest IX

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DQIX - Serena
In Dragon Quest IX, Elevating shoes give X1.05 experince points from each battle, and are made by combining 1 Lucky Pendant  with 1 Depressing Shoes.

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