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Elves are a recurring race in the Dragon Quest game series. Their pointed ears suggest they are based at least in part on the creations of J.R.R. Tolkien.



In Chapter 2, Alena and co. see an elf named Lita and her sister at the top of Birdsong Tower, though the pair leaves as soon as they see the party, leaving behind a phial of Birdsong Nectar.

Later, in Chapter 5, they meet Rosalee, an elf who was hunted by humans because she cries rubies. Her lover Saro, the game's main antagonist, builds a fortress to protect her, around which the town of Rosalee Hill grows.

A few elves also live in Rosalee Hill, as it gradually became a shelter for various supernatural beings from the machinations of greedy and bigoted humans.

Towards the end of the game, they travel to the World Tree, at the roots of which the elves have built their main city, Elfville.

They also have one final meeting with Lita, her sister, and another, unnamed elf in Zenithia, though the trio gives them a cold reception.


The Hero and the party can find an elf in Tryan gully after they get the Godbird's soulstone. The elf was a friend to the ancestor of the Kupas, So that means that the elves have a long lifespan for being a humanoid race.


Not very much is known about this race except of that they come from the nation of elves and that it is said that the race of elves is a race that reveres Nature.


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