Elfin elixir
DQVIII - Elfin elixir
Japanese name きつけそう
Rōmaji Kitsuke-sō
Introduced in V

The Elfin elixir fully replenishes the target's MP.

Recipe: Yggdrasil Dew and Magic Water

Dragon Quest IX

Name: Elfin Elixir Desc: An enchanted elixir that totally tops up an ally's MP.

Rarity: 2 stars

Found: Cap'n Max Meddlin for 5 Mini Medals after you have given him the first 80 medals.

Recipe: Yggdrasil Leaf x 1, Royal Soil x 3, Nectar x 5 Buy: N/A (except for DQVC) Sell: 1500 gold

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