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Dragon Quest IV
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Female
Title(s) Unknown
Race(s) Human
Age Unknown

Eliza (Celia in the NES version, Cynthia in the Japanese original) is a minor character in Dragon Quest IV. She is the Hero's childhood friend, having grown up with them in their hidden village. It's uncertain what she is exactly; she appears to be some kind of elf, but has the power to shapeshift, an ability that no other elves exhibit.

Like everyone else in the village, Eliza is fully committed to hiding and protecting the Hero from the forces of Hell until he or she is ready to gain the power to fight back. When the agents of Saro raze the town, the Hero's father hides him in the storehouse, and she follows him in. As the demons draw near, Celia states that she can't allow the Hero to die, and, taking on his form, rushes the attackers, sacrificing her life for him (or her).

Celia's dialogue just prior to the attack is mildly suggestive of romantic feelings towards the Hero, as she states she wishes she could simply stay with him forever, however, the dialogue is the same if the Hero is female.

In the prologue, she shows off her shapeshifting powers to the hero by changing herself into a frog, and later, a rabbit.

After the game is completed the Hero returns to his hometown and using his powers, revives the fallen Celia. Then they hug and kiss. Then at the entrance of the village they are joined by the rest of the party.

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