Empires feature in several games a gross the Dragon Quest series. Usually, they are groups started by the main antagonist of the story, or in Malroth's case, started by followers of him.

Cult of Malroth

  • In Dragon Warrior 2, the evil sage Hargon was trying to summon the god of destruction Malroth. His highest ranked guards are Atlas, Pazuzu, and Belial. *Monsters that presumably work for him are the Magus, Shaman,  Wrecktor, Mace Master, Dracky, Disciple and batboons.
  • Their logo, or insignia, is a bat. This could mean that it is based off a Dracky, one of Hargon's underlings.

Zoma's Empire

  • In Dragon Warrior 3, the Demon King Zoma took over Torland and sealed it off to only Alefgard. He resides in Charlock Castle to take over the upper world. His bodyguards are Soul of Baramos and King Hydra . After Baramos's defeat he reanimated his corpse and made Bones of Baramos. He then went to Alihan and crashed the parade to reveal that he is the true Demon Lord.
  • Zoma's empire could have potentially been the largest empire, as it controlled both Torland and the Upperworld.

Order of Zuzwang

  • In Dragon Quest V, the demon lord Nimzo created a cult that was supposed to expand his power out of Nadria and into the world of DQV. The leader of the cult was King Korol, but it turns out he was merely a pawn to Bishop Ladja. 
  • The order is all just a pun on chess and checkers
  • Monsters that possibly work for the Order of Zuzwang is the Wrecktor , Slave Driver, and Snake Handler.

Mortamor's Empire

  • The demon lord Mortamor tried to take over the Dream and Real world with his greated generals: Murdaw, Jamirus, Gracos, and Dhuran. In his dark world resides the Town of Sorrow and Greed. And he also has a prison ran by Blackmar. 
  • Underlings who work for this faction include Zozongel, Dogma, Pieros, Sorrow Giants, Prison Guards, and Uberkilling Machines.
  • This along with Zoma's Empire had a possibility of being unanimously large empires. 

Gittish Empire

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