Endor (エンドール) is a location in Dragon Quest IV. It has the only casino in the game, other than the one in Pioniria.

Shops and Services

Weapon store

Item Price Attributes
Chain sickle 550g G {{{attributes}}}
Poison moth knife 750g G {{{attributes}}}
Iron lance 880g G {{{attributes}}}
Holy lance 1250g G {{{attributes}}}
Astraea's abacus 1600g G {{{attributes}}}

Armour store

Item Price Attributes
Chain mail 350g G {{{attributes}}}
Bronze armour 700g G {{{attributes}}}
Iron armour 1200g G {{{attributes}}}
Iron apron 1500g G {{{attributes}}}
Scale shield 180g G {{{attributes}}}
Iron shield 650g G {{{attributes}}}

Item store

Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8g G {{{attributes}}}
Antidotal herb 10g G {{{attributes}}}
Holy water 20g G {{{attributes}}}
Chimera wing 25g G {{{attributes}}}
Moonwort bulb 30g G {{{attributes}}}
Hardwood headwear 120g G {{{attributes}}}


6g per person (Dragon Quest IV,DS)

Secret armour store

Item Price Attributes
Cloak of evasion 3000g G {{{attributes}}}
Spiked armour 9800g G {{{attributes}}}
Liquid metal armour 35000g G {{{attributes}}}
Note: This shop is accessible only with the Magic Key


Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8 G {{{attributes}}}
Iron claw 1500 G {{{attributes}}}
Note: This shop is only available during the Endor Tournament in Chapter 2


Key Type Info
Thief's Key Southwest of town
Magic Key On either side of a passage near the far end of the side corridors
Magic Key Behind thief's key door
Ultimate Key Castle basement

Nearby enemies

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Other notable attributes

   Attribute icon    {{{text}}}

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   Attribute icon    {{{text}}}

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