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Dragon Quest
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Erdrick (formerly Loto) is a legendary hero who's frequently mentioned in the Dragon Quest game series.

The title serves as a major connecting point between Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest I and II (along with Alefgard), as a result, the first 3 games in the Dragon Quest game series series are often referred to as the Erdrick Trilogy (or Loto Trilogy).



Main Games

Dragon Quest

Erdrick does not appear in the game, but the Hero of Dragon Quest is his descendant. He has a cave named after him (Erdrick's Cave), in which a monument to him/tablet written by him can be found. The Hero can also find his sword and armor during the course of the game. Finally, the hero must find his token in order to prove that Erdrick is his ancestor.

Dragon Quest III

The Hero/Heroine is given the name Erdrick after defeating Zoma and saving Alefgard. S/he is the Hero of Dragon Quest's ancestor.

Dragon Quest IX

Erdrick has a mention in IX, with an armour set named after him. These are all four star items and are made by alchemising one rusty set piece (eg. helmet, shield, sword etc.), nine Glass Frits, and an Orichalcum The rusty set pieces are obtained in various ways:

This set of armour is one of the best in the game, second to only the Alchemiracle armour.

Additionally, the "Aliahan" armor set obtained from the legacy bosses Baramos and Zoma is derived from Erdrick's original appearance in III.


  • In the Nintendo DS remake of V, if the player names their character Madason, then their father, who usually recommends that name, will make Erdrick his suggestion instead.
  • In the US translation of VI (Nintendo DS Version), an NPC in Gallows Moor goes by the name of Erdrick.
  • In the United States Erdrick was referenced in the original NES Final Fantasy, where one of the tombstones in Elfland says, "Here lies Erdrick."
  • In Final Fantasy XII, Gilgamesh, a popular Final Fantasy character, Gilgamesh wields a fake version of Erdrick's sword known as "Tolo's sword". The sword is also available as a greatsword in the bazaar, when attacking or defending with it the classic attack and defend sound effects from I can be heard.
    • The name Tolo itself is a reference to Loto, the name used in the Japanese version and the GBC translations.

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