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Erdrick's Gear

Erdrick's Sword alongside his helmet and shield.

Erdrick's sword (Sword of Erdrick, Loto's Sword in the GameBoy remakes) is a powerful sword featured in the first three games in the Dragon Quest game series that once belonged to the legendary hero, Erdrick. The name returned to being called Erdrick's sword for the games later released on Android and iOS.


Dragon Quest

In Dragon Quest, Erdrick's sword is the most powerful sword in the game. It is hidden in Charlock Castle.

Finding Erdrick's Sword


In II, Erdrick's sword is known as Sword of Erdrick and it is once again located within Charlock Castle. Unlike Dragon Quest however, the Sword of Erdrick is not the most powerful weapon in the game (possibly because it is rusted or blunted).


In III, Erdrick's Sword is called the Sword of Kings. You get it from a merchant in Kol after giving him the Orichalcum found in Hauksness in a pasture. While being an extremely powerful weapon, it is not the most powerful weapon in the remakes, the Sword of Rubiss is.


 Erdrick's sword
Attack +158
Buy Price 0 G
Sell Price 0 G
Flavor text A well-known weapon once wielded by a legendary lionheart.
Notes The rusty sword must be refurbished through alchemy.

Erdrick's sword can be obtained by mixing the rusty sword, a piece of Orichalcum, and nine glass frit.


  • Loto's Sword appears in Final Fantasy XII, where it is dubbed Tolo's Sword (トロの剣) (Wyrmhero Blade in the English version).
  • The controller for Kenshin Dragon Quest: Yomigaerishi Densetsu no Ken is modeled after Loto's Sword.
  • The runes on Erdrick's sword are actually done in a European runic alphabet. When translated, the runes read "Dragon Quest."

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