Erdrick's helmet
Japanese name ロトのかぶと
Rōmaji Roto no ka buto
Introduced in II
Erdrick's Helmet

Artwork of Erdrick's helmet from Dragon Quest II

Erdrick's helmet is a helmet that can be obtained in Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest IX. The player must possess Erdrick's Token in order to obtain it in Dragon Quest II.


Dragon Quest II

In Dragon Quest II the Helmet of Erdrick is obtained by trading the Token of Erdrick to an old man in the monolith south-east of Tantegel. The helmet has a defense boost of 20 for it's wearer.

Dragon Quest IX

Erdrick's Helmet may be obtained through alchemy, by alchemising 1 Rusty Helm, 9 Glass Frit and 1 Lump of Orichalchum

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