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Edrick's Shield

Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of The Starry Sky

This shield can be made in alchemy ONLY. 

Recipe is Rusty Shield (1), Glass Frit (9), and Orichalcum (1).

Orichalcum can be found in the Observatory, with use of the Ultimate Key. It will be in a chest in a cage, that is locked.

Rusty Shield can be found when completing quest #49. You have to show Rocky from Zere Rocks a Resurrock, An Enchanted Stone, and an Agate of Evolution.

Glass frit can be found South West of Gleebain the middle of a patch. You may find 1-5 glass frits there. It is also in Wyrmtail or Wyrmwing in the Southern part of the Western beach. Monsters such as Cyclown in Newid Isle or Power Hammer in the Djust desert drop Glass frits.

Alchemise it it with Try your Luck and you will get the Edrick's Shield.

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