Estard is the island where the game begins in Dragon Quest VII. It is in the center of the game's world.


Estard was originally an uninhabited island. Sometime long ago, a group of explorers found the island and colonized it, leaving a memorial under the castle town.

Sometime before the game begins, God and the Demon Lord fought an epic battle. The Demon Lord was sealing continents from the world, casting them into complete darkness. God, with the Soldiers of God and the four spirits, fought the Demon Lord to prevent this. However, God, foreseeing the possibility of his defeat, put into place a way to revive the world in the Estard Fane. He put pedestals that can send people into the past provided that they have the necessary shard to fit into the pedestal. When the shards are in place, the pedestal activates and sends the people present into the past. If they are able to undo the evil that troubles that particular region, the land will be able to enter into the present.

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