Faraday is a continent east of Estard in Dragon Quest VII


Before the party's arrival, the country is being attacked by Automatons, mechanical androids from the Dark World with orders to kill the populace of Faraday. The citizen of Faraday and Frobisher are demoralized at the length of the war and the casualties. Because the soldiers of Faraday are unable to withstand the massive attack of the Automatons, the king has enlisted the help of mercenaries.

The party arrives in Faraday. Ruff notes the smell of oil in the air. They investigate the town and run into Captain Thaddeus Goodwinding, who is holding a strategy meeting with his soldiers. Afterwards, the party heads to Faraday Castle. There, they sign up to be mercenaries. After defeating the Drill sergeant, they become mercenaries. They meet with the king, who informs them of the situation in Faraday. Thaddeus calls a meeting with his soldiers and mercenaries soon after.

Thaddeus informs everyone at the meeting about the situation and asks the group for any ideas on how to stop the mechanized menace. One of the soldiers suggest that they talk to Autonymus because he is a mechanical genius. Thaddeus informs them that Autonymus wouldn't be interested in helping them. However, one of the soldiers conscripts the party to talk to Autonymus anyways. The party travel west to the Institute of Automatry. Inside, he is working on a mechanical being which is named E.L.L.I.E. When the party tries to talk to him, he ignores them at first. When they persist, Autonymus becomes abrasive, telling them that he has no concern with the populace of Faraday and that he has more concern with the Automatons than the people.

The party returns to Faraday and inform Thaddeus that Autonymus has refused to help. Thaddeus chooses to accompany the party to speak with Autonymus. When they reach the Institute of Automatry, Autonymus rebuffs them again. Thaddeus comments that it was a waste of time coming. As the party and Thaddeus exit the cabin, a lone Automaton appears. It breaks down in front of the party. Autonymus, hearing the noise, comes outside his cabin to investigate. There he sees the Automaton. He and Thaddeus take it inside where Autonymus tinkers with it. Thaddeus orders the party to return to the castle because he fears that the Automatons are invading the castle at the moment.

The party returns to find Automatons attacking the castle. The party is tasked with the defense of the castle gates. The party defeats two waves of attackers. However before the third wave attacks the party, something happens to the Automatons. They start to attack each other. The party realized that there is a signal being broadcast from the Automaton that Autonymus fixed that is causing the robots to malfunction. With this new weapon, Trad feels confident that they can can invade the Automaton Stronghold.

The party heads east to the Automaton Stronghold. Autonymus and Thaddeus arrive shortly after with the restored Automaton, now known as E.L.L.I.E. E.L.L.I.E. broadcasts a signal that causes the Automatons guarding the base unable to receive orders in the base. They malfunction and go berserk, allowing the party to continue. They traverse the base and encounter the Tinpot Dictator. The Tinpot Dictator tells the party that he was chosen by the Demon Lord to lead the assault against Faraday. He receives the Automatons from the Dark World and can repair them from his base.

He commands the Automatons to attack him. However, the machines are unable to process his orders and attack themselves. This frustrates the Tinpot Dictator and he decides to attack the party himself. The party defeats them and with his dying order, he summons Slaughtomaton to destroy everything, no longer caring what happens to Faraday. The party defeats this machine, as well, and it is destroyed. After the fight, Thaddeus, Autonymus and E.L.L.I.E. enter the boss's lair. Thaddeus compliments the party's ability in defeating the leader of the Automatons. They return to Faraday Castle, where the king thanks them for saving their country. He presents the party with the Poison Moth Knife, an heirloom of the royal family. The party also receives payment for their mercenary work. With that, the party leaves to the present.


Faraday in the present is immersed in robotics. It has mass-produced mechanical cleaners and is working on making a mechanical person. However, with no model with which to work on, progress is nonexistent. However, as the party introduces themselves to Faraday's new king, King Faraday VII, a soldier gives word to the king that they have found the Legendary Automaton. The king takes some soldiers and they head west to Autonymus' Cabin.

The party arrives there first and they see E.L.L.I.E. It has been running since the last time they saw it in the past. It is making soup for Autonymus, who has been long dead by this point, in the hopes that he will recover. The king arrives and takes E.L.L.I.E. with him to the castle.

The party return to the king and find that scientists are investigating the robot to see how it works. They take away some parts from it and it stops working. The king's tutor and Thaddeus' descendant, Ambrose, sees this and asks the king to let E.L.L.I.E. be. However, the king has Ambrose confined in the dungeon. When the party visits him in the dungeon, he asks them to find parts that he's hidden in Frobisher.

The party complies with his requests and finds the parts. They return it to Ambrose and he disguises himself as a soldier to move about the castle. They go into the castle's laboratory and fix E.L.L.I.E. However, it goes berserk and attacks Ambrose. The king enters the laboratory with soldiers and they turn off E.L.L.I.E. Ambrose fixes the Automaton and returns it to Autonymus' cabin, where it continues to make soup for Autonymus. The king allows E.L.L.I.E. to remain here and realizes that it has become more than just a machine. He promises that he will continue his research into creating mechanical beings, but E.L.L.I.E. will not be part of that plan. After the king leaves, Ambrose thanks the party in helping him save E.L.L.I.E.

Should the party visit Autonymus' cabin in Disc 2, they find that E.L.L.I.E. no longer runs. It lies next to Autonymus' bones.

If the party returns to Faraday after the Almighty is revealed to be Orgodemir in disguise, they will discover no sign of life in Faraday Castle, Frobisher, or the Institute of Automatry. When speaking to the inhabitants of other towns, it is revealed that the kingdom had been attacked by Orgodemir and that everyone had disappeared without a trace.


  • Frobisher - The town next to Faraday Castle
  • Faraday Castle - The castle
  • Institute of Automatry - West of Faraday Castle. Autonymus lives here by choice, segregating himself from the rest of the populace. In the present, it is labeled as a No Man's Land.
  • Automaton Stronghold - A hill east of Frobisher. This is the base operations of the Tinpot Dictator and the Automatons. In the present, a seer stands outside the base. The player can ask the seer to divine the location of Shards
  • Pool of Piety - Accessible only in the present at first, this temple serves as the gate to a Pedestal. The Pedestal can only be accessed once the player has the Sacred stone. The area is accessible through the right Mysterious Fragments in a certain shrine.

Notable Residents

  • Autonymus Goodwinding - Thaddeus' brother and a recluse who lives on the western part of the continent, Autonymus initially wants nothing to do with Faraday. His view changes when, by chance, an Automaton lands on his doorstep.