Farebury Town Map, as shown in game

Farebury (Japanese: トラペッタ, Torapetta, Trapetta) is a small town, the first one you visit, right at the beginning (after defeating the 3 Slimes that show up, and the opening credits) of the game.


Nearby enemies

Weapon shop

Dragon Quest VIII
Item Price Attributes
Cypress stick 10 G Attack +4
Oaken club 110 G Attack +7
Giant mallet 240 G Attack +
Copper sword 270 G Attack +13
boomerang 420 G Attack +19
Note: This shop's prices change throughout the game.

Armor shop

Dragon Quest VIII
Item Price Attributes
Bandit's grass skirt 35 G Defense +4
wayfarer's clothes 70 G Defense +6
Leather armour 180 G Defense +10
Leather shield 70 G Defense +4
Leather hat 65 G Defense +3
Note: This shop's prices change throughout the game.

Item shops

Item Price Attributes




Info Destination

Locked doors

Key Type Info


Item Location

Other notable attributes

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   Lottery icon    The lottery can be played at this location.

   Party icon Party members can be exchanged at this location.

   Monster icon   Monster companions can be exchanged at this location.

   Casino icon   This location includes a casino or other gambling facility.

   Bank icon    This location includes a bank or vault.

   Attribute icon    This is a location where party members can change class.


The following material is added in the Nintendo 3DS remake including:

  • A book in the inn describing the blue treasure chests on the overworld and their ability to respawn.
  • Several new story elements from Kalderasha such as:
    • A cutscene showing Dhoulmagus as the apprentice of Rylus and the events leading to him stealing the scepter from Trodain, then murdering the first of the Seven Sages.
    • A prompt for the party to return to the ruins of previous destination, pointing them to a new quest.


  • When King Trode is accused of being a monster, if the Hero talks to the barkeep, he well say that he's been in the business long enough to know that's probably false, referencing the Aesop Fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, where the boy (who was a teenager like the kid who ran into the bar) ran through the streets crying that a wolf was "In the city walls" (quoting the game, not the fable).
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