Despite only having to do one battle on the way, it's a tricky one
if you are keeping your equipment low to save money as I am but it's
not too bad if you prepare right. I was on level 10 and had put all
my skill points into Scythes for Yangus and he was my only attacker.
Khalamari follows a simple pattern of Fire Breath which did 35 damage
to the Hero and 30 to Yangus, then a Regular Attack which dealt about
25 damage to either followed by a group attack which did just under 20
damage to each. Then he'd attack, then group attack and finally another
regular attack before repeating the whole process. If you keep the Hero
on constant healing duty and have Yangus Psyche up to 50 (which had him
deal over 150 damage each time) he will die in 3 hits and you should be
both alive if you have Yangus use an Herb if and when needed. Since
anyone could have their turn at any time it is based a bit on luck so
if you don't have the patience I do, gain another level or two before
|_| Gold Bracer (Given after beating Boss)
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| 12 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Pot Lid
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Seed of Life
|_| Seed of Agility
|_| 10 Gold Coins
|_| Bronze Knife

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