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Dragon Quest VII
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Fingers (formally Flower) is a temporary party character that the player meets in the Dharma region in Dragon Quest VII.


Fingers has had a dream of wanting to become a Dharma Temple Guard. He went there and was tricked by Antoria and the monsters into giving up his abilities. He was sent to Pilgrim’s Perdition afterwards. He has survived mainly on his thievery skills.


In one of the bars in Pilgrim’s Perdition, the party find Fingers talking to Kasim. Kasim thanks Fingers for obtaining WorldDew for him. Fingers tells him that he didn't do it for nothing. He wanted to join the Dharma Guard. Kasim tells him that there is only one more task that he needs him to do first. Kasim leaves without telling him what he wanted first.

Fingers leaves the bar to see the party fight Strom. Though they lost, Fingers acknowledges that they did very well, considering. Fingers talks to them when they leave Zaji and Neris's residence. He tells the party that they fought well against Strom and propositions them. He tells the party that they were strong enough to cross the cave and challenge the monsters guarding the fourth floor. Though Maribel doesn't trust him, Fingers gives the party the WondeRock to have as a gift. Fingers joins the party and they enter the cave.

The party reaches the fourth floor which is guarded by Rashers and Stripes. Fingers betrays the party by using the party as bait for the monsters while he escapes to the mountain village. Rashers and Stripes fight the party and the party is defeated.

The party reunite with Fingers in the mountain settlement that connects with the west cave. He tells Kasim that he was able to find the High Priest but was unable to free her. Kasim enters a house, thanking Fingers for his work. Fingers reminds him that he did not do all of this without a reward. He tells Kasim that he wants to be a Dharma Temple Guard. Kasim replies that in order for Fingers to become a guard, they would have to rescue Fosse and restore Dharma. Fingers sees the party again. He apologizes to the party, although it is halfhearted. He tells the party only a fool is fooled and enters the house that Kasim entered as well.

There they find the Head Priest and Neris talking with Kasim. Kasim realizes that he must save Fosse. He decides to take Fingers and the party with him. The Head Priest is against this, saying that Kasim was a bad Temple Guard as he was derelict in his duty to protect the High Priest before and that the party and Fingers are not going to be enough to save Fosse. Kasim tells him that he will prove the Head Priest wrong. The Head Priest scoffs and tells Kasim that this is the perfect group for Kasim: a delinquent Temple Guard, a thief and a group of travelers. All five go to rescue Fosse. Kasim tells Neris to stay here while they rescue Fosse.

After defeating two Soulstealer (formally SoulSword) victims guarding the cave, the party with Kasim and Fingers enter and go left into the Dharma prisons. They find High Priest Fosse encased in a pyramidal energy field, powered by two magical conductors. Physical strength isn't enough to break the barrier. However, the party disables it by destroying the conductors. It is at this time that Inopp and Gonz enter the room. Noticing that Fosse is free, the monsters start to attack the party. Fingers remarks that it would be impossible to defeat the duo with the stolen power they had. Fosse uses her power to take away the stolen powers of Inopp and Gonz, making them weaker. The party is finally able to defeat the duo.

The party takes Fosse out of the cave while Kasim and Fingers go on ahead to tell everyone about Fosse's rescue. When they do, all of the priests in the mountain settlement crowd her, amazed that she is alive. However, there is something amiss. Zaji returns out of the blue, muttering to himself. The Head Priest is gone. Kasim notices that Neris doesn't have on the hairband that he gave her before in the West Cave. Neris claims that she lost it but Kasim isn't convinced. Nevertheless, he doesn't press the issue. Fosse gives the party the Dharma Key in order to progress further into Dharma's underground.

The party, Kasim, Neris, Fingers and Zaji, form a squad to enter the bowels of Dharma. When they reach the locked door, Neris asks the party for the key given to them by Fosse. Kasim asks Neris why she would need the key. He announces his suspicions. The fake Neris is impressed that Kasim saw through its ruse. It turns into the Maneater. It convinces Zaji to kill Kasim and Fingers. It gives Zaji a Soulstealer to do so. It decides to take on the party by itself.

The party defeats the Maneater. However, Kasim and Fingers are still fighting Zaji. Kasim is able to disarm Zaji and returns Zaji's Soulstealer into his soul, freeing him from the monsters' control. Zaji is able to recount how the Soulstealer caused him to become more paranoid. He asks where Neris is. Kasim tells him that she is probably still with the monsters. The party opens the door with the key and Kasim, Fingers and Zaji continue ahead with the party.

Fingers reaches the battle arena with Kasim and Zaji. Past the arena is a door which connects to Dharma Temple. He tries to pick the lock but it is securely locked leading him to believe that the only way to open the door is to actually win the monsters' tournament. The party is able to win the tournament and is escorted to Dharma Temple to gain their "freedom".

Later on, Kasim starts a rebellion against the monsters. Fingers fights in the rebellion as well. The rebellion is successful when the party defeats Antoria.

Kasim talks with Fingers several days later to tell him that he has been accepted into the Temple Guard. Fingers refuses however, saying that he has changed his mind about becoming a Guard. He leaves Dharma Temple, telling Kasim to give his regards to Zaji, Neris and the party.

As a Temporary Party Member

Fingers can attack for 20-25 damage. He can also use herbs to heal the party. He only fights as he is leading the party through the West Cave and leaves when he tricks the party. He joins the party later in the Dharma undergrounds but doesn't participate in battle.

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