Fire claws
DQVIDS - Fire claw
Japanese name ほのおのツメ
Rōmaji Honōnotsume
Introduced in IV

The Fire claw, also known as the fire claws or flame claw, is a recurring set of claws in the Dragon Quest franchise. It is a mid-level weapon designed for martial artists and barehanded brawlers. When used as a tool in battle, it casts Frizzle on an enemy.


Dragon Quest IV

The fire claw has an attack bonus of +60. It can only be wielded by Alena and Psaro. It is found behind the stairs at Femiscyra.

Dragon Quest V

The fire claw has an attack bonus of +53. It can only be wielded by Debora and clawed monster companions. It can be sold for 3,525 gold and bought for 4,700 gold at Battenburg and Gotha.

Dragon Quest VI

The fire claw has an attack bonus of +53 and a style bonus of +21. When attacking with it equipped, it also uses a Frizz spell for more damage. CarverAmos, and all slime allies except Goowain can equip it. When used as an item in battle, the fire claw acts as a free use of the Frizzle spell. Tiger jackals drop it 1/128 of the time and Jamirus has a 1/8 chance of dropping it. They cannot be bought, only sold for 4,275 gold. One is found on the third floor of Murdaw's Keep and another on the sixth floor of the Pillar of Pegasus.

Dragon Quest VII

The fire claws have an attack bonus of +53 and a style bonus of +21. It can only be equipped by Ruff. It can be purchased from various shops for 7,700 gold and sold for 3,850 gold. Fire claws can also be won as a prize from the Lucky Panel at the Casino. It casts Frizz after attacking an enemy, hitting for half the original damage before resistances apply.

Dragon Quest VIII

The fire claw has an attack bonus of +66 and can only be equipped by Morrie. It only appears in the 3DS version of the game and can be purchased from Empycchu for 8,800 gold and sold for 4,400 gold. It can also be made using the Alchemy Pot. It can be upgraded into a Cobra claw by combining it with a devil's tail. The fire claw is also rarely dropped by Riptides and Claws.

Recipe: Iron claw + Flametang boomerang

Dragon Quest IX

Game description:"Claws that fling forth fire if used as an item in battle."
Attack: 88
Rarity: 1/5
This can be made with Alchenomicon.
Alchenomicon Recipe:
Dragon Claws x1
Lava lump x3
Rockbomb shard x1

Can be sold for 10,500 gold and bought for 21,000 gold in Upover.

Other languages

Other languages
French Griffes de feu
German Unknown
Spanish Unknown
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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