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Japanese マホトーン
Rōmaji Mahotoon
Type Debilitating
MP 2*
Introduced in Dragon Quest

Fizzle (formerly StopSpell) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series. When cast, it seals the magic of a group of enemies and causes them to waste a turn. Prior to Dragon Quest IX, the spell had a base accuracy of 100%.


Dragon Quest

Learned at level 10. Some enemies will not be affected, such as Scorpions, because they do not have any spells.


Fizzle is learned by The Prince of Cannock at level 8. The spell target is now a single group of enemies.


Fizzle is learned by The Hero at level 18, while both Priests and Sages learn it at level 13.

The Hero can also learn it immediately with the use of a glitch in the NES Version.


Fizzle is learned by Kiryl at level 13. Staff of antimagic and Sphere of Silence can be used in battle to cast it. It requires 3 units of MP to use.


Name Level
Magic marionette15
Pocus poppet17


Fizzle is learned by Nevan at level 11. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 3 of the Priest vocation.


Fizzle is learned at the fourth tier in the Cleric class after 50 battles and the CurseLamp class after 1 battle. It costs 3 MP to cast.


Frizzle is learned by Angelo after investing six points into his Staff skill. Can be cast when using Staff of Antimagic as a item in battle.


Fizzle is learned by Armamentalists at level 14. It costs 3 MP to cast, and targets a group of enemies. It has a base accuracy of 75%, and will rise once the caster's Magical Might reaches 50. Once the stat hits 500, the spell will have 100% base accuracy,


Monsters 2

Caravan Heart


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