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DQX - Witch greichel
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 2900
MP 255
Experience 2400
Skills Magma
War Cry
Spells Blazemost
Haunts Engow

The FlameSpirit is a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII. It is fought in the the lowest level of Mount Flame

Engow Strategy

As the name suggests, the FlameSpirit is highly resistant to fire type attacks and weakest to ice attacks. Because of this, wear armor that lowers fire damage and don't use fire attacks, especially fire weapons. Instead, focus on attacks that hit multiple times, like Sword Dance and Quad Hits. Use Barrier to protect against fire attacks. Have Maribel use the Sage Rock to heal wounds. Make sure at least two party members known Heal All to heal against Blazemost.

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