Flowing dress
Water flying clothes
Japanese name みずのはごろも
Rōmaji Mizuno wa-goro mo
Introduced in II

The Flowing Dress, also known as Water Flying Clothes, are a powerful type of cloth armor, commonly used by spell casters in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest II

The Water Flying Cloth grants a defence bonus of +35 and reduces fire damage attacks. All members of the party can equip it and it is the best amor for both magic users.

It can only be obtained from Don Mohame after giving him the Dew Yarn and Magic Loom.

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest IV

The flowing dress has a defence bonus of +43, and protects against fire and ice attacks. It can be worn by Borya, Maya, and Meena.

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

A dress that increases defence by 25, and magical might and mending by 18. It also reduces damge done by fire and ice attacks. You can buy it in Wormwood Creek and Upover, or make it with enchanted robes and three celestial skeins.

Game decription

A consecrated costume that curbs fire- and ice- based damage.


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