Flucifer (also known as The Dark One) is the main villain from Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. Princess Gluttonella summoned him by blowing the Flucifer's Flute (without even knowing about what could happen). Flucifer then possesses Don Clawleone and teleports out of the Flying Clawtress. Slival appears, telling Rocket that they have to join forces to defeat Flucifer. Then both go challenge him with their tanks, but are easily defeated by Flucifer's giant flying tank. The Krak Pot united both Tanks to create the Gott Schliemen, which Rocket and Slival uses to fight Flucifer. After being defeated, he leaves Clawleone's body and everything goes back to normal.

Flucifer can be re-fought after beating the game. By doing that the player gains two more Alchemy recipes.


Flucifer's giant tank in the final battle.


Flucifer possess Clawleone's body...

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