The flying carpet is an item and mode of transportation in several Dragon Quest games, beginning with Dragon Quest V. Using it, the hero's party can travel over flat land and sea, but not over hills, mountains and forests.

Dragon Quest V

The flying carpet can be obtained during the third generation from a chest in Lofty Peak.

Dragon Quest VI

This game has two variations with the same function. The flying bed, obtained in Clearvale, is the first, but it only works in the Dream World. The carpet is obtained later on by participating in the Best-Dressed Contest and winning the first three rounds. The prize is a plush rug, which must be taken to the magical city of Sorceria, where it can be re-enchanted.

Dragon Quest VII

The Magic Carpet is first mentioned in the village of Mezar. A man named Nicola lives there and dreams of giving the carpet to the Legendary Hero. When the party approaches he gives away the carpet immediately, but it won't fly. Upon returning to Mezar, Nicola takes back his carpet, saying the party aren't true adventurers and the carpet didn't choose them. It's later discovered that the maid, under orders from Nicola's late father, hid the true carpet. She agrees to give it to you when she's allowed to see the Merm Moon.

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