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Dragon Quest VII
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown

Fosse is a character that the party encounters in the Dharma region in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Fosse is a young girl with exceptional talent. Her abilities allowed her to become the High Priest of Dharma Temple. The Demon Lord understood the importance of the temple because of its potential to create a Hero. The Demon Lord sent Antoria to take over Dharma. He commanded monsters and overtook Dharma. Many of the Dharma Guardsman were killed. Fosse was captured by the monsters and imprisoned in the Dharma prison, encased in a pyramidal energy field, powered by two magical conductors.


The party, with Kasim and Flower, enter and go left into the Dharma prisons. They find High Priest Fosse encased in a pyramidal energy field, powered by two magical conductors. Physical strength isn't enough to break the barrier. However, the party disables it by destroying the conductors. It is at this time that Inopp and Gonz enter the room. Noticing that Fosse is free, the monsters start to attack the party. Flower remarks that it would be impossible to defeat the duo with the stolen power they had. Fosse uses her power to take away the stolen powers of Inopp and Gonz, making them weaker. The party is finally able to defeat the duo.

The party takes Fosse out of the cave while Kasim and Flower go on ahead to tell everyone about Fosse's rescue. When they do, all of the priests in the mountain settlement crowd her, amazed that she is alive. Fosse gives the party the Dharma Key in order to progress further into Dharma's underground.

The party continues to fight the High Priest who stole their powers in the beginning. Before they reach the actual Temple, Fosse arrives, escorted by two Temple Guards. She tells the party that she has to defeat the impostor High Priest. Otherwise, it would impugn her honor. Fosse joins the party and the four of them go to challenge the impostor.

They arrive to see another warrior talking with Antoria. The warrior demands his freedom, stating that he had won the tournament. Antoria agrees that he had won the tournament but reveals that it was all of the sake of strengthening the Demon Lord and himself. He burns that warrior until there is nothing left. The party goes up to challenge Antoria. With Fosse's help, the party finally defeat Antoria and liberate Dharma.

The party speak to Fosse and she thanks them for helping free Dharma. She realizes that she must help bolster the defense of Dharma so that another incident like this doesn't happen. She allows the party to change classes should they choose to do so. With that, the quest in Dharma is completed.


Fosse's talents as a young girl allowed her to become the High Priest at her age. She has the ability to change the class of whomever asks her for a new class. She asks that person to hold the image of their desired class in their hearts and pray. She prays, Oh God, let this person walk the path of the class.

She is a powerful mage, able to cast spells of great intensity. She is also able to transfer powers from one object to another.

As a Temporary Party Member

Fosse participates in the batter against Antoria. Fosse's power allows her to cast the powerful Snowstorm spell. Her physical attack is decent as well, doing ~30 HP damage.

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