Freaky tiki
DQIX - Freaky tiki
Japanese name まおうのかめん
Rōmaji Maou no ka men
Family Material
Introduced in IX

Freaky tiki is a monster who appears in IX.




#221 - Freaky Tiki
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 596
MP 21
Attack 442
Defense 498
Agility 245
Experience 5100
Gold 158
Dropped Item Terrible tattoo (common, 1/32)
Boss shield (rare, 1/128)
Skills Eerie Light
Family Material
Description Menacing masks with mega defence who enfeeble foes with Eerie Light and Dazzleflash, then dish out some serious damage.

The first of their race was made when the mask jumped from the face of an ancient king and came alive under an evil spell.

Haunts Grotto

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