Fright knight
DQIX - Fright knight
Japanese name ナイトリッチ
Rōmaji Naitoritchi
Family Zombie
Introduced in VII

The Fright knight (formerly Niterich and Night Lich) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


Fright knight is a large zombie warrior in full armor. It wields a giant sword in battle. It also holds a big shield.



#212 - Niterich
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PS
HP 420
Attack 220
Defense 200
Agility 92
Experience 400
Gold 140
Dropped Item Destruct Shield
Skills ChargeUp
Brutal Hit
Spells Blizzard
Family Zombie
Haunts Dark Palace


Fright knight
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Experience 2180
Gold 180
Dropped Item Sword breaker
Skills Freezing Blizzard
Spells Zing
Family Zombie
Description Destroy these dastardly masters of Freezing Blizzard first so they can't zap everyone back to life with Zing.
Haunts Gittingham Palace

Monsters 2

Caravan Heart

Joker 2

Joker 2 Professional

Terry's Wonderland 3D

Super Light

Monster Battle Road Victory

Monster Meadows Quotes


-"I'm strong!"

-"I'm great!"

-"I'm really special!"


-"I am a model of...amazingness!"

-"I am a model of dignity and rectitude!"

-"I am a model of chivalry and manhood!"

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