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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Spell Info
Japanese メラ
Rōmaji Mera
Type Fire
MP 2*
Introduced in III

Frizz (formerly Blaze) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series. It is a single target spell (in contrast to group-searing Sizz line) and it is learned by Mages.


It is depicted as a single fireball that attacks the enemy. With the powered-up versions of Frizz, the fireball grows larger and the damage is more devastating.



Mages and Sages automatically learn this spell at level 1. It costs 2 mp to cast, and fries an enemy for 8~14 points of damage.


Maya knows this spell at level 1. It costs her 2 mp to cast, and lets her burn an enemy for between 8~14 points of damage.


Hits between 12~15 points of damage and costs 2 mp to cast.

Name Level
Metal slime--
Wax murderer--
Wiz pip5


Ashlynn already knows this spell upon joining, and is the only party member to learn it. It allows her to hit one enemy for 11~15 damage and costs 2 mp as usual.


Maribel learns this at level 3. The wyvern class can also learn it on the second tier. It cost 2 MP to cast and can do 11~15 damage.


Jessica already knows this spell upon joining the party. The spell will deal 10~13 base damage, and cap at 21~24 when her wisdom reaches 77.


Learned by Mages at Level 1. Singes a single enemy with a small fireball for 2 MP, dealing 11~15 base damage ad growing in strength when the caster's magical might reaches 50. Once the stat reaches 999, the spell will deal 98~102 damage.

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