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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Japanese メラ
Rōmaji Mera
Type Fire
Introduced in III

Frizz (formerly known as Blaze) is a recurring offensive spell in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest III, it is a single target spell (in contrast to group-searing Sizz) and often is learned by Mages.


It is depicted as a single fireball that attacks the enemy. With the powered-up versions of Frizz, the fireball grows larger and the damage is more devastating.

Entries and Consumption

Entries and Consumption
DQIIIiOS logo 'III Unknown
MP 2
DQIVDS logo IV Unknown
MP 2
DQVDS logo V Unknown
MP 2
DQVIDS logo VI Unknown
MP 2
DQVII3DS logo VII Unknown
MP 2
DQVIII logo VIII Unknown
MP Unknown
DQIX logo IX Singes a single enemy with a small fireball.
MP 2
DQX logo X No appearance
MP -


DQIIIiOS logo 'III Mages (Lv. 1)
Sages (Lv. 1)
DQIVDS logo IV Maya (Lv.13)
DQVDS logo V Bianca (Lv. 3)
Metal slime (Lv. 1)
Prestidigitator (Lv. 1)
Wax murderer (Lv. 1)
Ghost (Lv. 3)
Wiz pip (Lv. 5)
DQVIDS logo VI Ashlynn (Lv. 1)
DQVII3DS logo VII Maribel (Lv. 3)
Wyvern (Rank 2)
DQVIII logo VIII Jessica Albert (Lv. 1)
DQIX logo IX Mages (Lv. 1)
DQX logo X None


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